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You feel like you’re not doing enough email fundraising.

You’re worried that you’re missing out on donations to support your mission. You feel like you’re not doing enough email fundraising but you don’t have the time or resources to change that. You know this isn’t sustainable and it’s adding stress to your already busy job.

You’re spending lots of time on emails that don’t raise enough (or any!) revenue.

You’re stretched thin but you don’t have the bandwidth.

You should be sending consistent email communications to donors and other supporters. You’re stretched thin but you don’t have the bandwidth. That’s the tragedy of our sector – we don’t have the time we need to get the help we need. How can we put in place email campaigns we know our organization needs?

There's an easier way to connect with donors.

Strategic Results

I'll help you establish and track the success of your campaigns. Together, we'll increase your donation rates, donor retention, and fundraising revenue. I’ll help you create a plan to drive engagement and a positive return on your investment.


We're in this together! I build strong relationships with my clients, and I value your unique insights and goals. By working as a team, we can come up with ideas that speak to your donors and make them feel connected to your mission.

Fundraising Expertise

I've been in the nonprofit sector for more than 10 years. I've worked in programs, fundraising, and marketing. I understand the big picture while being able to take action on small steps to reach your goals.

Hi, I'm Kristi! (she/her)

When I was an in-house fundraiser, I remember frantically putting emails together. We were collecting photos last minute and editing stories that needed rushed approval. Our team would send the emails and then…crickets. We would get a few donations but we needed a plan to increase revenue.

We needed more to support our mission but we didn’t have the time! After seeing unsuccessful campaigns, we changed our strategy and started getting consistent donations. One 48-hour email campaign brought in over $60,000!

I’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofits who know email is important. But, they don’t have a plan for how to use email to drive supporters to donate.

My work is rooted in community-centric fundraising. I'm professionally and personally committed to Black liberation, equity for People of the Global Majority, and LGBTQ+ rights.

"So thankful for my brainstorming session with Kristi! Her experience and expertise in donor engagement and marketing will be invaluable for my organization as we work to establish our donor engagement strategy. Her clear and actionable advice has given me new perspectives on connecting with our supporters, ensuring our message resonates effectively."

- Khalid Cannon, Chief Program Officer

Create meaningful email campaigns.

30-Minute Quick Fix Strategy Call

30 minutes of dedicated consultation and answers to your burning questions. Actionable changes to optimize your email fundraising campaigns. One month of email strategy support via email.

Training - Transform Your In-House Capacity

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in email fundraising. Comprehensive training sessions Invaluable insights and strategies tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Batch Writing Service - Set It and Forget It

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and late email sends with my Batch service. Ensure consistent engagement and seamless communication with your supporters.

Get clear on your email fundraising.

1. Schedule a consultation

Gain valuable insights into your organization's email fundraising. We’ll align on your organization's current challenges, goals, and opportunities.

2. Select the services that fit your team’s needs

We’ll tailor support to address areas of improvement or strategic focus. This is when we decide which targeted solutions will contribute to your success.

3. Achieve consistent revenue with your email campaigns

We’ll leverage your email list to engage donors and promote fundraising campaigns. communicate the organization's impact, and promote fundraising initiatives. Consistent revenue will empower your nonprofit's mission with confidence and sustained impact.

Reach your revenue goals and make lasting connections with your supporters.

You may feel like you don't have the resources to invest in your email fundraising. And I understand your nonprofit doesn't have a big budget. I only work with small nonprofits so let's talk about projects that will work for your budget and needs.