Reach your fundraising goals

You may feel like you don't have the resources to invest in your email fundraising. And I understand your nonprofit doesn't have a big budget. I only work with small nonprofits so let's talk about projects that will work for your budget and needs.

Likewise, I get that it can be tough to get your board to agree to new contracts. I've been there! I make clear plans that your board can review. I can even talk to your board directly if it's a big project.

I know you're busy but think about this: if you send out emails that don't work, you're losing time and money. If we fix your email fundraising now, you'll save time later.

If you rely on grant funding, you might think you don't need to spend time and budget on email fundraising. Grants are important but relying on outside organizations can be risky. I can help you get support from individual donors to make things more stable.

If you're not sure about using emails for fundraising, I'm here to help. Email fundraising can work for any nonprofit. Let's chat about your concerns - schedule your 30-minute call today.